Listen First

'Listen First' and Partners

‘Listen First’ is an initiative to increase support for prevention of drug use that is based on science and is thus an effective investment in the well-being of children and youth, their families and their communities. Listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe.

The United Nations Office on Drug & Crime is pleased to partner with NFL Superbowl Champion Dr. George Koonce and Touchdown for Humanity, Walther Global Palliative Care & Supportive Care at Indiana University, and Ethan Films to get the word out about helping children grow healthy and safe, especially during the COVID-19 challenges. Children have a right to quality healthcare including access to essential medicines for pain relief to support recovery from severe medical conditions or in cases when palliative care is required.

‘Listen First’ was launched in 2016 during the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the World Drug Problem. The materials are developed with a strong foundation in science to give parents, teachers, policy makers, health workers and prevention workers the tools they need to help children grow healthy.

The materials associated with Listen First are available at and include the following resources to support science-based prevention:

Walther Global Palliative Care & Supportive Oncology

IU School of Medicine & IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center

540 Barnhill Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: +1-(317) 278-4006